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Hachimantai Beef

Locally-bred wagyu cattle are raised in this blessed environment, Hachimantai National Park’s rich natural environment, high quality water and clean air. Hachimantai beef is high quality beef that comes from cattle that were each raised with love and care.


The local spinach, Ameyoke Spinach, is a type of spinach that can be grown in cooler climates. In 1988, this spinach was awarded the “Emperor’s Cup”, the highest award in the annual festival for agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and the area has come to be known as an acclaimed spinach producing region.

Appi Autumn Bellflowers

Appi-grown autumn bellflowers are the best in quality and production volume in all of Japan. These bellflowers have all satisfied strict quality standard tests.

Hachimantai Geothermal Dyeing

Hachimantai geothermal dyeing is a vivid tie-dye using geothermal steam to bring out the uniqueness of each color. Handkerchiefs, scarfs, bags and shoals are made.

Wood Products

Wood products are made from natural wood using original manufacturing techniques. Products are made from natural zelkova and pagoda wood.

Iwatesan Yaki (Mt. Iwate Pottery)

Ceramics made only with local high quality pottery clay are fired in a kiln at the foot of Mt. Iwate. Ceramic instructors are also available on site.

Tochuba Tea

Tochuba tea is made using Tochu leaves, a local specialty grown at the foot of Mt. Iwate. Leaves used in the health drink Tochucha are grown in a safe environment.

Nambu Senbei (Rice Crackers)

Traditional Nambu area senbeis (rice crackers) are made from wheat harvested in Nambu, Iwate, and baked to give a rich flavor.

Wild Vine Products

Come savor juices, jams and wine products made from wild vine growing in Hachimantai City. Wild vine is said to boost nutritional fortification and is rich in polyphenols.

Washino O (Sake Brand)

by “Washino O” is made from spring water found at the foot of Mt. Iwate. The sake is smooth and slightly dry.

Appi's Dairy Products

To maintain the essential flavor of milk, Appi's dairy products use an abundant amount of milk that has been pasteurized for a long time. Come and try the milk, yogurt drink, ice cream and many other dairy products in store.

Appi Lacquer Painting

The distinctive feature of Appi lacquer painting is its “lacquer-base”, where only lacquer is applied in dozens of layers. The more it is used, the more lustrous it shines. To extend the life of the lacquerware, repair and restoration services are available to customers.

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