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Mt. Iwate Area

This is the southern area of Hachimantai City, centered around Mt. Iwate, with an altitude of 2,038 meters and “Yakebashiri Lava Flow” the cooled and hardened lava flow remains of an eruption.

Mountain Climbing/Trekking登る・歩く

About Mt.Iwate


With an altitude of 2,038 meters, Mt.Iwate is one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains. You can explore and observe floras unique to Mt.Iwate such as the natural beech and Maries' fir forests, alpine plants growing wild on the ridges, and aquatic life in marshes and lakes that are spotted from the middle to the top of the mountain. There are a total of 7 trekking routes, including trekking routes from Shizukuishi and Takizawa. Here, we will introduce the 2 most typical trekking routes. As the trek to the summit normally requires over 5 hours, gears and plans for the climb should be made carefully.

Yakebashiri Trekking Course

The trek starts from the side of the Kokusaimura (International Village) parking lot. You pass through the Second Eruption Vent, from where a splendid view of the (Special) Natural Monument, Yakebashiri Lava Flow, comes into sight. Then, go past the First Eruption Vent and you will reach Tsuruhashi branch point. When you go through the forest again, the trail starts getting very steep. Pass Hirakasa Fudo Evacuation Hut, and climb the steep gravel path that takes you to the summit.
Approximate amount of time required: Matsukawa Campsite → (120 min.) → Ubakura Branching Point → (30 min.) → Kiritoushi → (45 min) → Ohanabatake Branching Point → (60 min.) → Fudoutai → (40 min.) → Summit.

Matsukawa Trekking Course

This course starts from Matsukawa Onsen. The route takes you through forests of northern Japanese hemlock, giant oak and Maries' fir trees and then merges with the Amihari route at Mt.Ubakura. Then, the route takes you through Oojigokudani, Onigajyou, Fudoutai, after which you finally reach the summit.
Approximate amount of time required: Route starting point → (120 min.) → Second Eruption Vent → (10 min.) → First Eruption Vent → (60 min.) → Tsuruhashi Branching Point → (60 min.) → Hirakasa Fudo Evacuation Hut → (40 min.) → Summit

Nanataki (Nanataki Waterfall)

To get to Nanataki, start from the Kenmin no Mori observatory, go through the forest, take the Nanataki trekking route that leads to the summit of Mt. Iwate, and you will find Nanataki along its path. Nanataki is the largest waterfall in Yakkirizawa with a height of 25 meters. From the view point there is a path that takes you down near to the waterfall, allowing you to feel the majestic waterfall from up close.
Approximate amount of time required: Kenmin no Mori → (50 min.) → Nanataki

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Yakebashiri Lava Flow, Mt.Iwate

Designated as a Special Natural Monument by the Japanese government, the Yakebashiri Lava Flow is the cooled and hardened lava that had once flowed down the mountain side when Mt. Iwate erupted in 1719. The fan-shaped field of black lava stretches 3 kilometers in length with a maximum width of approximately 1 kilometer. The dynamic display of the lava field is a must-see.

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Activities/Hands-On Experiences体験する

Nambu Fuji Country Club

A golf course with a total of 27 holes. The course is designed by five-time British Open champion Peter Thomson, who declared that "the Nambu Fuji Country Club is by far my best". A highly strategic course that fully maximized the beauty of the natural landscape.

Mt.Iwate Yakibashiri International Relations Village

An outdoor destination fully equipped with an auto-campsite, bungalows, hot springs and an astronomical observatory. Snowmobiling is also available during the winter.
[24-728 Hirakasa Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture]

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Michino Eki Nishine (Roadside Station)

A roadside station along route 282 selling spinach, pork, eggs, wild mountain vegetables and other agricultural and livestock products grown and raised at the foot of Mt.Iwate. Also carries a large selection of local specialty goods and souvenirs. Original dishes made using local foods served at the cafeteria are very popular.
[2-154-36 Ohfuke Hachimantai City]

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Ski Resortsスキー

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Hot Springs (Onsens)温泉

Asahinoyu Inn

Spring temperature is 45°C. The hot spring is an abundant "spring of treasures" gushing out 300 liters of water per minute.
[2-154-36 Ohfuke Hachimantai City]


A casual hot spring bath facility located in the premises of the International Relations Village.
[24-728 Hirakasa Hachimantai City]

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