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Hachimantai Area

From taking a short stroll in the woods to mountain climbing, there's always a way to enjoy Mt.Hachimantai. Drive along the 27 km winding roads of Aspite Line, marvel at the jade-green lake and savor the breathtaking panoramic view from the summit. There's always a way to enjoy the great outdoors to suit your style or physical capacities.

Mountain Climbing/Trekking登る・歩く


From simple hiking excursions to more serious mountain climbing, there are many ways to enjoy Mt.Hachimantai. Depending on your style or physical capacities, visit the jade-green lake or savor the breathtaking panoramic view from the summit. There's always a way to experience the grand nature of Mt.Hachimantai.

Kuroyachi Marsh / Mt.Chausu Trekking Course

This route integrates the Mt Chausu course with the Kuroyachi Marsh course. Main features on this trek include a large observatory, an extensive Marie's fir forest and a high marsh. A popular route with trekkers starts from Hachimantai summit bus station, climbing to the summit of Mt. Hachimantai, then going through the Genta Forest and the Kuroyachi Marsh, followed by a climb to the summit of Mt.Chausu and descending down to Mt. Chausu's trail entrance.
[Approximate time required] 180 minutes Hachimantai Summit bus stop → Kagami Marsh → Hachiman Marsh → Gama Marsh Observatory → Genta Forest → Kuroyachi Marsh → Mt. Chausu → Mt. Chausu bus stop

Horaikyo / Horai Marsh Trekking Course

This course takes you around Horai Marsh, an amazing mass of crystal clear water. The old trees surrounding the marsh harmonize beautifully to create a magical world of its own.

Hachiman Marsh / Gama Marsh Trekking Course

This is the most standard trekking course. An 8 minute climb from Hachimantai Gama observatory takes you to the summit. A spectacular view of the extensive stretch of primary Marie's fir forest, Mt.Iwate and many other natural splendors will surely satisfy the eye.
[Approximate time required] 60 minutes for one round Hachimantai summit bus stop → Mikaeri Pass → Hachiman Marsh/Gama Marsh Observatory

Kuroyachi Marsh Trekking Course

The climb will require some physical strength and gear. During the summer time, the area blooms with flowers such as daylilies, dactylorhizaa and bog asphodels.
[Approximate time required] 115 minutes for one round Hachimantai summit bus stop → Kagami Marsh → Hachimantai summit Hachimantai bus stop → Hachiman Marsh/Gama Marsh Observatory → Genta Forest → Kuroyachi Marsh → Kuroyachi bus stop

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Hachimantai Aspite Line

A driveway that extends 27 kilometer from the entrance of Hachimantai ski resort to Akita prefecture. By the time the winter road block is lifted at the end of April, you can enjoy the "snow corridors", walls of snow several meters high, on both sides of the road.

Kenmin no Mori (Kenmin no Forest )

Kenmin no Mori is a vast forest with an area of 70 hectares stretching from the foot of Mt. Hachimantai along the Matsukawa Gorge.

Matsukawa Gorge

Matsukawa Gorge extends from East Hachimantai to the Matsukawa hot spring area, providing beautiful sceneries to all who visit. The fall season offers a mesmerizing view of crimson leaves.

Chojayashiki Tachishimizu (Springwater in Chojayashiki Park)

Selected as one of the 20 best waters in Iwate prefecture. There are about 8 springwater outlets in the surrounding area. Each spring outlet enshrines a water deity.

Kanazawa Shimizu (Clear water of Kanazawa)

Kanazawa Shimizu is a group of springwater found at the foot of Mt.Iwate that has been designated as one of the 100 best waters in Japan by the Ministry of the Environment. The 0.7 tons of water that gushes out every second from a deep outlet 20 meters in diameter, has a stable temperature of around 10 °C all year round.
[Chinai Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

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Activities / Hands-On Experiences体験する

Ihatov Volcano Station

Dioramas and videos explain how the volcano was formed. This facility also provides disaster prevention learning experiences.
[515 , Dai 2 Chiwari Aza Hata, Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

Matsukawa Geothermal Power Plant Matsukawa Geothermal Museum

This is the PR facility for "the first geothermal power plant in Japan which started operations in 1966". Videos and panels explain how geothermal power plants generate power.
[Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

Kenmin no Mori Campsite

Fully equipped with modern flush toilets, outside kitchens and 10 tents (with decks), this campsite is open from May to October. The campsite is located within the premises of Kenmin no Mori. The Forest Learning Center and Wood Craft Center are also situated within the site.
[1-515-2 Mastuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

Prefecture-Run Matsukawa Campsite

Fully equipped with modern flush toilets, outside kitchens and 70 tents, this campsite is open from July to October. Nestled in the middle of a primeval forest of beech and oak trees, this campsite is an ideal base for climbing Mt.Iwate.
[Matsukawa Onsen, Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

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At the shopping corner, local vegetables, craftworks, home-made baked goods, home-made tofu and many other products are sold. Soba-making classes are also offered. At the cafeteria, you can savor soba, guinea fowl and river fish dishes.
[1-28 Kashiwadai Hachimantai City (inside the Hachimantai Visitor Center)]

Machan’s Market

A dome shaped building made of laminated wood is the landmark. Local produce centering on vegetables, edible wild plants, grains and other produce are sold at Machan's market. Also highly reputed are the home-made processed goods made by local moms.
[2-512 Yoriki Hachimantai City]

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Ski Resortsスキー

Shimokura Ski Slopes, Hachimantai Resort

Come and go as you please between Shimokura ski slopes and Panorama ski slopes, as both belong to the same group. With an average slope angle of about 20 degrees, the silky, powder snow and the variety of slope formations make this resort ideal for intermediate/advanced skiers. A popular ski resort as weather conditions are stable with very few snow storms.

Panorama Ski Slopes, Hachimantai Resort

A ski resort surrounded by the mountains of Hachimantai. The long, gently declining trail is ideal for beginners, family and snowboarders. At the foot of the ski slopes there is an area for mini-tubes, inflatable bounce houses, and a designated sleighing slope allowing small children to get their full share of the fun.

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Hot Springs (Onsens)温泉

Motoyu Nanataki Inn

Enjoy the fresh hot spring water bath and savory menus using Hachimantai's local food.
[1-590-228 Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

Hachimantai Royal Hotel

A luxury resort hotel offering tasty meals and an experience to immerse in Mt.Hachimantai's natural beauty.
[1-590-5 Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

Hachimantai Heights

With the scent of hot spring in the air, time flows slowly and comfortably at this barrier-free hotel.
[1-590-4 Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]


A one-day hot spring bath facility with a two-tier open-air bath that offers a beautiful view of the Hachimantai's forest.
[1-590-280 Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

Hachimantai Rising Sun Hotel

A hot spring hotel that relaxes and relieves the body and soul as you marvel at the majestic sight of Mt.Iwate.
[1-590-226 Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

Hachimantai Resort Hotel

A Scandinavian-style resort hotel with a natural hot spring bath that relieves your body after a fun-filled day in Mt.Hachimantai.
[1-509-1 Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

Saiunsou, Toushichi Onsen

The best secluded hot spring inn at 1,400 meters above sea level in all of eastern Japan. Exceptional scenery and outstanding spring quality.
[Kitanomata Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

Shoufusou, Matsukawa Onsen

A mesmerizing hot spring inn situated along the gorge, with a mixed open-air bath and cave baths. This inn has captured the hearts of many hot spring fans.
[Matsukawa Onsen, Hachimantai City]

Matsukawasou, Matsukawa Onsen

An inn along the gorge offering pleasing milky white spring water and a nostalgic rural atmosphere.
[Matsukawa Onsen, Hachimantai City]

Kyounsou, Matsukawa Onsen

The milky white spring water eases the tension in your body. A comfortable inn also popular with women.
[Matsukawa Onsen, Hachimantai City]


A casual resort that allows you to enjoy one-day spring baths and accommodations at ryokans (Japanese inns), minshukus (smaller sized inns) and vacation rentals.
[1-590-411 Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

Nature Getaway Nakayamasou

An ideal base for skiing and trekking. The hot spring water is sourced from fresh volcanic hot springs.
[2-512 Matsuoyoriki Hachimantai City]

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